Certified Infrared Thermal Imaging

Isn't thermography just "point and shoot" technology?

Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than an expensive infrared imaging radiometer and a website to provide quality infrared thermal imaging services. Extensive training, experience and a passion for the technology is paramount. When chosing an Infrared Inspection contractor, please be sure to check their credentials before you hire them. Cheap, uncertified or undercertified thermographers will only cost you more money in the long run.

Infrared imaging radiometers measure total radiation emitted from an object however, other information has to be gathered and manually entered into the infrared imaging radiometers' computer to calculate precise temperatures. Thermographers calculate, measure and enter values for emittance, transmittance, ambient temperatures, reflected radiation, compensate for factors such as wind, humidity and solar loading. It's not just "point and shoot"

Chicago Infrared Roof InspectionInfrared Roof Inspection Chicago

Chicago Infrared Thermal Imaging Inc. is independently owned and operated and our thermographers are Infraspection Institute Certified Level II and Level III Thermographers. Chicago Infrared Thermal Imaging Inc. is not an electrical contractor conducting infrared inspections with uncertified personnel and repairing electrical problems found during our inspections, we properly identify the problems and the repairs are done by in-house personnel or by a qualified electrical contractor chosen by the building owner.

Chicago Infrared Thermal Imaging Inc. is not affiliated with any infrared inspection franchises that sell training and marketing packages for newcomers to the industry to get established in this industry. We obtain all of our work through referrals and through our websites. We will match or beat our competitors prices, just ask.

All inspections are performed in accordance with ASTM, NEMA, IETA, Infraspection Institute and related industry standards. Inspection reports are generated utilizing "state of the art" software and are delivered in electronic format and hardcopy.

Our network of home inspectors includes: Platinum Home Inspection in Winnipeg. And more to come.

Ceiling Moisture

Roof Leak Into Ceiling From A/C Units

Moisture intrusion into the ceiling of a downtown Chicago condominium building. An Infrared roof inspection was conducted to locate the leak.

Infrared Roof Leak Detection

Roof Leak Under A/C Units

Infrared roof inspections can determine the source of leakage into a building. Moisture trapped under the roof covering are visible with the infrared camera.

HVAC Duct Leakage
Duct Leakage Into Ceiling

Infrared inspections help us locate duct leaks and insulation deficiencies that lead to high energy costs

Radiant Floor Heat Leak Detection

Radiant Floor Leak Detection

Radiant heat system leaks can be located utilizing infrared thermal imaging. Water and coolant loss can undermine the foundation and damage boiler systems.